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How Seat Covers Work

The custom made seat covers we offer are SLIP OVER seat covers designed to slide right over the existing seat upholstery. You do not have to remove any of the current upholstery to make these fit. We do not sell re-upholstering kits, if this is what you are looking for, you may want to search for another company that offers these. 

Step 1: Choose Your Seat Cover Fabric

Start by choosing one of the fabrics we offer. Click here to view all the seat cover types. Please note that not all seat cover fabrics are available for all seat types. 

Step 2: Choose Color and Seat Type

  • Choose a Color: The colors we offer are available in the drop down. 
  • Choose Your Vehicle:  Select the seats that closest match what you have. 

Step 3: Upload Photos To Guarantee Fitment (Optional)

The last step you can take is to simply upload photos. You can text photos to 1-833-709-1888 or use our photo upload too

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