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Ford Econoline E350 & E450 Seat Covers


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At RV Seat Covers, we know that finding custom made seat covers for your Ford E-series (Formerly known as Econoline) Van can be difficult. We are experts at identifying seats in various E350 and E450 models (including delivery and transport vans) and can provide you with the best options. Click to view some photos of our recent customers

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RV Camper Vans

Whether you have a Class B or Class C, our top rated Neosupreme fabric will impress.

Cargo Vans

We carry heavy duty seat covers such as waterproof Cordura canvas offering maximum protection.

Passenger Transport Vans

We have seat cover patterns for all rows of seating. Click here to get a custom quote for multi rows.

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Easy Installation!

Installs in less than 30 minutes! View our 1 Minute example video of a Neosupreme seat cover installation.

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Featured Seat Covers


Get your E350 or E450 ready for any adventure with Neosupreme seat covers. Crafted for comfortable daily use, these covers are designed to mold perfectly to your seats, giving them an impressive custom look! It’s our top seller for a reason!

Featured Seat Covers


Enhance your Ford’s interior with our high-quality imitation leather seat covers. Engineered for durability and elegance, these covers elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic while withstanding the rigors of daily use.


E350 and E450 Seats can come with 2 seat types: Aftermarket and Stock. 

Stock seats are the seats that come standard from the vehicle manufacturer as seen below. These seats have already been premeasured by our seat cover factory and therefore we already have the seat pattern and so no measurements are needed. Most RV’s come with the stock seats such as the Thor Chateau or Forest River Forrester.

Aftermarket Seats are seats have been put in place of the original stock seats by RV manufacturers such as Jayco. These are generally bulkier and more comfortable seats, typically captains chairs with dual armrests or bulkier seats with inner arms. We have gone to great lengths to get most of these aftermarket patterns but we do need photos to confirm which seats you have before ordering.


The image above is a stock seat from a 2018 E350 Camper Van with Leather Seats. We can make seat covers in all fabrics on this type of original seats. Unsure if you have original seats? We can easily identify your seat using our handy seat identifying tool, just snap a few photos and we’ll let you know.


This seat is from a Jayco Greyhawk Motorhome. If you have Jayco please head to the Jayco Seat Covers page to order


Yes, all our seat covers will have a hidden cutout, or will have a special stitching designed to rip easily if the airbag were to deploy. All seat covers have been tested with real airbags to ensure they work properly in the case of an accident. 

Yes, our business is dedicated to outfitting RV’s but if you have an Ford Econoline (E350, E450 etc) that is not an RV, the seat covers will still fit as they use the same seats. And we also verify all orders that come in, so there is no chance of a mistake.

Yes! We’ve found that swivel seats do not affect the installation or the ability to install seat covers.

Yes of course, please use our upload tool or click on the chat at the bottom right hand corner. We will take a look and let you know what seat cover options are available for your seats.

Yes we do, head to our online quote page to get a quote for multi row seating. The more rows, the bigger the discount.

Fair question, our past customer have always appreciated the lengths we go to to make sure our seat covers will fit your exact seats. We do this by photo inspections for every seat cover order that we get. Why take a risk with another seat cover supplier, with us you’ll have confidence that you won’t need to return these due to non fitment.

Yes you will. We do not block any seat controls as the seat covers are designed to tuck into the side plastic panel on the outer part of the seat where the control usually are.

No, we sell slipover seat covers. These are designed to go over your existing seats. You do not have to remove any of the original upholstery. You also will not have to remove the armrest on the seat.

Yes, seat covers are effective in preventing the peeling of imitation leather upholstery by providing a protective barrier against wear and tear, UV rays, spills, and friction. They act as a shield, reducing the impact of external factors that contribute to the degradation of the original material. With custom-fit options available, our seat covers ensure a snug fit that minimizes movement and friction, further safeguarding against peeling. This cost-effective measure helps extend the lifespan of the original upholstery.

The answer is no. We’ve never had to remove the seats from a vehicle in order to install seat covers. 

No you do not, our seat covers are designed so that you can install them without having to remove the armrest.

According to Ford’s website the  2025 E-series cutway models are already available for preorder starting at $38,000 USD. Available in single and dual wheel variants. 



Ford first started producing the E-series Econoline van in 1961 and is currently in its fourth generation (1992-present). The E-series van is sometimes referred to as the Econoline or E-series and comes in multiple options such as the E-150, E-250, E-350, E-450 and E-550. The latet generation models only come in E-350 and E-450 variants. 

Some popular camper models built on the Econoline E350 and E450 chassis include Winnebago (Minnie Winnie and Spirit models), Coachmen (Freelander, Leprechaun, Concord, and Crosstrail models), Forest River (Forester and Sunseeker), and Thor (Four Winds, Chateau, Quantum and Echelon models)

Step 1: Choose Your Seat Cover Fabric

Start by choosing one of the fabrics we offer. Click here to view all the seat cover types. Please note that not all seat cover fabrics are available for all seat types. 

Step 2: Choose Color and Seat Type

  • Choose a Color: The colors we offer are available in the drop down. 
  • Choose Your Vehicle:  Select the seats that closest match what you have. 

Step 3: Upload Photos To Guarantee Fitment (Optional)

The last step you can take is to simply upload photos. You can text photos to 1-833-709-1888 or use our photo upload too

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