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Imitation Leather makes for an affordable alternative for genuine leather seat covers. They are ultra comfortable, durable, and offer a polished and refined look. They’re a great option for those looking to replace and/or protect the original upholstery. They are breathable, water resistant, UV coated, and are very easy to clean. Sold as a pair. Read More


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  • diamond stitching

  • perforated inserts

For An Upgraded Look...

Imitation leather, also known as leatherette or faux-leather, makes for an affordable alternative for genuine leather seats. They are ultra comfortable, durable, and offer a polished and refined look. These seat covers are made with a 3-layer construction, with a soft foam backing, and reinforced seams, for added durability without compromising comfort. These seat covers are breathable, waterproof, UV coated, and are very easy to clean. 

Installation is Easy
  • Takes less than an hour per row
  • Comes with buckles and straps to securely fasten under the seat
  • Comes in two pieces, one for bottom cushion and one for backrest
  • View our video of a typical installation…
Fast Facts
  • Precision cut and made to fit your vehicles specifications
  • UV-resistant breathable material protects from mildew and mold
  • Animal friendly
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty on workmanship
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in complete sets that include headrests and armrest as applicable
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all our seat covers including these ones are compatible with swivel (rotating) seats.

Yes you will. We do not block any seat controls.

Fair question, our past customer have always appreciate the lengths we go to to make sure our seat covers will fit your exact seats. We do this by photo inspections for every seat cover order that we get. Why take a risk with another seat cover supplier, with us you’ll have confidence that you won’t need to return these due to non fitment.

Yes, these Imitation Leather covers have an extra flap on the side (as seen in the photos). It is designed to rip easily if the airbag were to deploy. All seat covers have been tested with real airbags to ensure they work properly in the case of an accident. 

Yes all seat covers are compatible with heated seats! You will feel the heat radiate through the seat covers.

Imitation Leather seat covers are easy to install. Most often it only takes less than 1 hour to install a pair of front seats. You also do not have to remove the seats in order to install these. 

All Imitation Leather seat covers are custom made to your exact seat dimensions. This is why we may ask for photos so we can assess which exact seat you have. We aim to get a perfect fit the first time in order to avoid the hassle of returning and remaking them.

Imitation Leather seat covers can be spot cleaned easily with some detergent cleaners. They may also be removed to place in a washing machine but make sure it is on the lowest temperature setting and hang it to dry afterwards do not insert into dryer to avoid shrinking. Please note seat covers do require time and effort to remove and reinstall so we always recommend spot cleaning whenever possible. 

Unfortunately no as the colors we offer are standard. However, we can certainly help pick the closest matching color. Simply use the photo upload feature and we can make let you know which sheepskin color is the closest match to your interior.

Yes, these are called integrated seat belts and we make a special cutout for these so that you can cover the seats without covering over the seat belt.

Imitation Leather seat covers take about 3-4 weeks to manufacture and 1 week for shipping to the USA. The wait is worth it as the fitment and quality is unmatched anywhere else. You will also be emailed a tracking number as soon as it ships!

Imitation Leather only ships to the USA and Canada. But please contact us for international shipping.

Start by selecting a year, make and a model and you can see what seat styles are available. It is best to search using the chassis model such as a Mercedes Sprinter or Ram Promaster as we won’t necessarily list the RV manufacturer.  If you are unsure you can always upload a photo first or message us using the chat on the lower right hand corner of your screen. We will guide you to selecting the right vehicle and let you know what seat cover options are available as well for your model.

No, we sell slipover seat covers only. These are designed to go over your existing seats and are custom made in the shape of your exact seat, whether its a Captains Chair, Highback or Lowback Seat. You do not have to remove any of the original upholstery. 

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