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Product Questions

Yes all seat covers are compatible with heated seats but please note that for Air-Conditioned seats, the seat cover will block the airflow, however they will still cool down the seat.

Yes, all our seat covers will have a hidden cutout, or will have a special stitching designed to rip easily if the airbag were to deploy. All seat covers have been tested with real airbags to ensure they work properly in the case of an accident. 

Our seat covers are easy to install. Most often it only takes less than 1 hour to install a pair of front seats. Rears can get a bit more complicated but usually takes only about an hour. View our Seat Cover Installation Videos here

No, we sell slipover seat covers. These are designed to go over your existing seats. You do not have to remove any of the original upholstery. 

All our seat covers are custom made to your exact seat dimensions. This is why we ask for photos so we can assess which exact seat you have. In most cases we will not need seat measurements but if we do we will let you know. We aim to get a perfect fit the first time in order to avoid the hassle of returning and remaking them.

Most of our products can be hand washed with warm water and light soap. In some cases you can place them in a washing machine but please contact us to confirm if they are ok to place in a washing machine. Sheepskin is not recommended to be washed, instead you can purchase a specially made sheepskin cleaning product.

Yes you will. We do not block any seat controls or cupholders. In some cases some side lumbar levers may be covered over but please mention this to us and we can try to accommodate those controls. 

The answer is no. Only in extremely rare circumstances will they require professional installation and if they do it’s usually only the rear seats that require this. 

Yes, these are called integrated seat belts and we make a special cutout for these so that you can cover the seats without covering over the seat belt.

Unfortunately no as the colors we offer are standard. However, we can certainly help pick the closest matching color. Simply email us a photo and we can let you know. 

Unfortunately, this is not something we can offer at this time. 

In some cases yes, but not always, please check with us and we can let you know whether it is available for your vehicle.

For ordering related queries

Shipping, Ordering and Returns

Since all our seat covers are custom made to order, there are no refunds or exchanges unless there is a verifiable defect in your seat cover. We simply ask that you send us photos so that we can asses the defect and issue a partial refund or exchange accordingly. 

All our seat cover products are custom made to order to ensure a perfect fit, this means that each order will take about 2 to 4 weeks depending on time of year. To get more specific times please contact us using the chat on the bottom right of your screen.

We apologize for this mistake, please contact us and we will get that sorted as soon as possible. 

Please take photos of the damage and email it to us. Once we recieve photos we will let you know the next steps required. 

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you out. 

Please contact us and we will change the address for you. Please let us know as soon as possible as we cannot change the address once its been shipped.  

Right now we only ship to the USA and Canada. 

Once the item ships, we will email you a tracking number and you can track the progress from there. 

All our products are tax included so you will not see any extra charges for taxes at checkout.

In most cases yes but sometimes they will arrive separately if you ordered different items as they may be made at a different factory.

Absolutely not, we never receive the credit card information as it uses a secure checkout system and the credit card numbers are never stored on our website or anywhere. 

Please call us at 1833-709-1888 and we can set up an account for you which will make reordering much simpler in the future since it will save your shipping address.

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